Frequently asked questions

Are the animals "Grass Fed"?

Grass Fed - Simply means, animals are allowed to forage for their own fresh food. They may be given substitutes such as Hay during the Winter, but unlike grain fed animals, the emphasis is still on providing the closest thing to a natural diet as possible.

What is the source of water given to the animals?

All of our animals to include our own family drink water from the well on our property. Our water well is tested at least once a year to ensure the safety and quality of water is optimal. "We Still Drink From The Hose!"

Do you ship meat?

Yes, within the continental United States, we ship frozen meat products.

Why is Beef Aged?:

Beef is aged to allow bacteria to break down the connecting tissue in the meat, making it more tender. Aging beef also removes some of the moisture content from the beef, which enhances the beef flavor.