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Fuller Syndicate, LLC.


Current Conditions Allow us to take your card information over the phone and process it so we can notify you when we are delivering your order. You can retrieve your order from your door step and dispose of the box it came in!

A Farm-to-Table Experience
Burger - $4.50/lb
Roast  - $5.50/lb
Soup Bones - $4/lb
Stew Meat - $4/lb
Steak   - $8.50/lb
Ribeye - $9.50/lb
Prime Rib or Rib Roast - $9.50/lb preorder

Buy a 1/4 cow about #100/lbs of beef for $650.00 Stock your freezer NOW! (that is $6.50/lb which includes all of your aged steaks, roasts,burger and select cuts.)

If you need a freezer to put it in let us know and we can help you get one!

After being medically retired from the United States Marine Corps, and unable to continue employment in the private sector, I decided to start my own business so I could provide for my family and not rely on the government benefits I have been granted. What began as a business to help people understand their home and inform them of any safety issues morphed into a farm and the ability to work every day to provide others with safe, affordable, and quality food.

14461 AKAM RD., Corry, Pa. 16407   |   814-462-7280   |


My wife/Caregiver, is the"Green Thumb" and I am the "Brown Thumb" the poop from my animals help her vegetables grow!


For a limited amount of people:

You have an opportunity to purchase a cow and have it raised on our farm for a monthly fee. You decide what the cow will be named and what it will be given for feed. We provide the labor and a monthly report on the Status of your cow. The cost of a cow can vary depending on the age and sex. We raise Registered Polled Hereford cattle, none of our cattle have horns! A calf can cost between $100 and $500 for one a Year old a Bull can cost between $2000 and $3000 where a Heifer(female) will cost between $2000 and $4000. Grass fed versus Grain Fed. Grass fed is less cost and more work because we rotate the herd from pasture to pasture to make the best use of the grass. Grain fed is More Cost and More Work because we must seperate the cattle to be grain fed daily and put them back in the herd.

1/2 Cow Example

about 200 pounds of Beef

Burger = around 90/lbs

Brisket = about 5/lbs

Chuck Roast = about 3/lbs each times 5

Rump Roast = about 3.5/lbs each times 2

London Broil = about 2/lbs each times 2 

Sirloin Steak = about 1/lb each times 4

Strip Steak = about .75/lb each times 10

Top Round Steak = about 1/lb each times 3

Flank Steak = about 1.5/lb each times 1

Skirt Steak = about 1.5/lbs each times 1

Ribeye Steak = about .5/lbs each times 12

Sirloin Tip Steak = about 1/lb each times 7

Short Ribs = about 4/lbs each times 5

"Free Delivery is the Best Feature!"


Wattsburg, PA.

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