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Current Conditions Allow us to take your card information over the phone and process it so we can notify you when we are delivering your order. You can retrieve your order from your door step and dispose of the box it came in!
A Farm-to-Table Experience
Burger - $4/lb
Roast  - $5/lb
Meaty Soup Bones - $2/lb
Stew Meat - $2/lb
Steak   - $8/lb
Ribeye - $9/lb
Pasture Raised Chicken - $4/lb
Farm Fresh Eggs mixed brown & white $1.50/doz
Buy a 1/4 cow about #100/lbs of beef and get 1 whole chicken with it for $600.00 Stock your freezer NOW! (that is $6/lb which includes all of your aged steaks, roasts,burger and select cuts. *
* If you buy a 1/4 cow you have an option to purchase an additional 100 pounds of beef for $700.
If you need a freezer to put it in let us know and we can help you get one!

After being medically retired from the United States Marine Corps, and unable to continue employment in the private sector, I decided to start my own business so I could provide for my family and not rely on the government benefits I have been granted. What began as a business to help people understand their home and inform them of any safety issues morphed into a farm and the ability to work every day to provide others with safe, affordable, and quality food.

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“Reasonable price! Burger didn't shrink when cooking. they were delicious!! .”

Lisa Rogers

New Castle, Pa.

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14461 Akam Rd. Corry, Pa. 16407


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