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A Farm-to-Table Experience
Burger - $4.25/lb
Roast  - $5.25/lb
Meaty Soup Bones - $2.25/lb
Steak   - $8.25/lb
Delmonico - $9/lb
Pasture Raised Chicken - $4.25/lb
Farm Fresh Eggs mixed brown & white $1/doz
Buy a Half cow about #300/lbs of beef and get 3 whole chickens with it for $1,800.00 Stock your freezer NOW!

After being medically retired from the United States Marine Corps, and unable to continue employment in the private sector, I decided to start my own business so I could provide for my family and not rely on the government benefits I have been granted. What began as a business to help people understand their home and inform them of any safety issues morphed into a farm and the ability to work every day to provide others with safe, affordable, and quality food.

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“Reasonable price! Burger didn't shrink when cooking. they were delicious!! .”

Lisa Rogers

New Castle, Pa.

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14461 Akam Rd. Corry, Pa. 16407


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