Home Fuller Syndicate, LLC.
Farm and Home Inspections in Warren, Erie and Crawford County Areas

Inspection Pricing

How to calculate your home inspection prices? 

 Safety Inspection                   $100
 Mobile Home Inspection       $200
 Home Inspection                   $350
 Maintenance Inspection        $450
 Farm/Home Inspection         $550



Basic Water Test - $80

Wells used by Women & Children or Older Wells - $110

Advanced Water Well Test - $400


Mobile Home Inspection : A complete Home Inspection of a Mobile home of any size to include the lot.

Home Inspection : An Inspection of the structure of a home and the components that support it in order to determine any areas of concern or safety.

Maintenance Inspection : A complete inspection and inventory of a home and all of the major systems that provide service to it in order to determine what condition everything is in and establish a regular maintenance schedule. 

Farm/Home Inspection : A complete Home Inspection to include your Barn and a complete look at your fence conditions.


Basic Water Test : A recommended annual test for all wells. Checks for Coliform by Colilert method.

Wells used by Women & Children: Checks for Coliform and Nitrate.

Advanced Water Test: Checks for Coliform, Nitrate, Lead, Sodium, Hardness, Iron, Sulfate, Total Dissolved Solids and PH.