Home Fuller Syndicate, LLC.
Farm and Home Inspections in Warren, Erie and Crawford County Areas


Address for orders is Arthur_Fuller@msn.com

or 14461 Akam Rd. Corry, Pa. 16407

you can always call (814) 462-7280

Taking orders for beef. Gearing up for 2018 growing season.

1. Whole Cow butchered about 600lbs = $4.25/lb includes a combination of cuts, burger, and roasts.

2. Half Cow butchered about 300 lbs = $4.25/lb half of above.

3. Quarter Cow butchered about 150 lbs = $4.25/lb mixed front & hind so you get a larger assortment.

Per/pound orders will be taken after ,April 18, 2018 at a pick up cost of $4.25/lb for Burger and $7.25/lb for steaks.

10 pound package specials = 10/lb burger $39.99 or 10/lb steaks $69.99 or 10/lb roasts $49.99

Heart, Tongue, and Liver available upon request

We Require a deposit of 50% on all orders. All beef cows are Hereford Cows which give you a leaner beef selection along with no added chemicals. Our cows drink the same water we drink and eat only the best grass we have available. We have just obtained the PA Preferred / HBH Certification on our livestock.

Feel Safe when eating food produced by a Veteran who has also protected our country. 

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12" X 20" solid Pine Crate = $50.00 (Free shipping inside the United States)