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Farm and Home Inspections in Warren, Erie and Crawford County Areas


Free Home Inspection ?

We have just experienced our first dissatisfied Client!

We are now adjusting our Policy to help other Clients.

If you can't afford a Home Inspection, but need one, let us know up front so we can work things out with you to get the inspection done.

Please don't pay us for an Inspection and then ask for your money back. We work hard to provide you with a service and we have bills to pay also. Our insurance carrier does not care if we give you the money back, they must still cover the inspection.

Cows are home

We must continue to wait for a decision and financing from the FSA before we can let our cows enjoy some fresh Pasture. The cows; Snickers and Buttercup aka MISS B have been adjusting to our home very well. Looking forward to a visit with a Vet in August to confirm pregnancy.

Waiting for Judge's Ruling

Our hearing last week went very well, in my opinion!

The Judge will have a decision this week sometime.

We expect the Judge to rule in our favor considering the FSA rules and documentation requirements.

Still, this appears to be a longer process then intitially expected.

Heritage Breed Farm Status!

May 9th at 9:30 a.m. we have a pre-hearing with the Administrative Law Judge who will decide if we are eligible for the Beginning Farmer Ownership Loan from the Farm Service Agency.

If all goes according to plan we could expand our operation by the middle of this Summer.

Beef Oders Now Available

We are now taking orders for whole, half, and quarter beef cows. You are the owner of the portion of the cow you choose, we supply the Hereford Cow and arrange to have it butchered and available for pick-up or delivery. If you live far away, please call ahead of time so we can look into shipping charges and proper care to keep your product frozen.

Current Status !



I have been busy lately expanding the business so we can offer you more specialized services and products.

In the very near future we will be offering Farm raised products with shipping and delivery to anywhere in the United States.

Currently, our farm is undergoing some growing and expansion changes for every ones' best interest.


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So, you may ask; "Why would I want my brand new home inspected?"

Have you ever bought a product that didn't work?

A New Home is Similar to a New Product. Sure, it may have been inspected for construction code compliance, but; "Could something be missed during a compliance inspection? or Could something fail between the time it was installed and the time you take possession of your New Home?"


Two Heads are Better Than One !

Most inspection companies have a list of added services they push on customers to squeeze as much as possible from every transaction.